We have a sister church relationship with a Presbyterian Church in Mabiri, Malawi. The Mabiri congregation has a central church building (located in the Mabiri village) but also includes 15 other prayer houses, located in various villages in the immediate area.  All 16 worship sights are under the pastorate of one person, Pastor Alex Mwafulirwa and elders from each prayer house serving on a common Session that oversees the whole.  These prayer houses range from 50 people to 400 people in size, with the congregation in Mabiri having over 1,000 people. 


The typical pastor in Malawi rides a bicycle but we were able to purchase a motorcycle for them so the pastor can make his rounds to each prayer house more quickly. 


Over the years we have been able to send funds to pay for the supplies to construct buildings for members to gather for worship.  The members of the church did all the labor for the buildings. 


We were also able to send funds to pay for the supplies to build a grain storage bin for the community.  With the grain bin they are able to store up grain when it is cheaper / more plentiful and then distribute the grain at that lower rate to people in need when the grain costs are higher at different times of year or in the case of a drought. 


We have had some members of our church family go over to be with our sister Church. For more information on the Synod of Livingstonia, which covers the northern half of Malawi you may visit their website at http://embangweni.com/synodof.htm


  April 2021  
Today's Events


Coffee and Donuts Fellowship
8:30 AM to 10:30 AM
Enjoy fellowship with others over a cup of coffee or hot tea and a donut
Worship Service / Early Service
8:50 AM to 10:00 AM
A 'blended style' worship service, starting with contemporary music led by a worship team, with some traditional worship structure, and singing of traditional hymns accompanied by an organ and piano.
Kids Alive Childrens Church
9:10 AM
The Kid's Alive Church Service will begin Sunday morning at the conclusion of the opening songs of the worship service, approximately 9:45-9:50. Children will begin in the sanctuary for praise and worship. During the meet and greet children up to the 5th grade will be encouraged to leave the sanctuary to join the Kid's Alive program.
Bible Classes for All Ages
10:10 AM to 11:05 AM
Bible Classes are available for adults, youth, and children.
Worship Service / Traditional Service
11:05 AM to 12:00 PM
A worship service with a traditional format and hymns

    KIDS ALIVE meets every Sunday at 9:15 a.m.  After the opening songs are finished children 5th grade and younger are dismissed to Kids Alive.  Kids Alive meets until the first worship service is over and then the children transition to Sunday School, which begins at 10:15 a.m. and ends at 10:50 a.m.  If you have any questions or need more information, contact Jessie Huber.  



    If you have not gotten an email from the church lately, we don't have your email address.  Please email it to the church office at:  hillsboropc@hotmail.com and we will send you an email for upcoming events.



    Nursery Care is provided for children 5 years of age and younger on the lower level of the church for the Sunday Services.

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    We have continuous collections for 

    St. John's Breadline:  We collect plastic containers with lids which are used to send home meals for those who are served through St. John's Breadline, a ministry to feed the hungry in Springfield, IL.  There is a collection barrel located on the main floor hallway.  

    Shoeman Ministry:  We collect good used shoes to donate to the Shoeman Ministry, who use these shoes to provide for needs in both the United States and various countries in Africa.  For more information on the Shoeman Ministry please go to their website.  There is a collection barrel on the main floor hallway.  We ask that all pair of shoes either have their laces tied together or have a rubber band holding them together.  

    Penny Jar / Angel Tree:  We collect loose change in an empty 5 gallon water bottle located on a table in the main hallway. The money collected is used to purchase items for the local Angel Tree ministry which provides Christmas gifts for children in need.  

    Food Bank:  We have a grocery shopping cart located in the main hallway where you may drop off food items for the community food bank. The community food bank is located in the Salvation Army Store.  There is a list of the items most needed in the shopping cart, but all food is accepted.  


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